How It Works

So how does this ‘board game café’ thing actually work?
We at tabletopCork have had the opportunity to check out a few, in the UK and Europe, and we’ve picked up a lot of ideas we like, and seen some things we just won’t do. So here it is;

– You come in, find a table and get yourself comfy.
– Buy a Library Pass (€4 per person)
– Come pick a game with the help of a helpful tabletoper
– Play, laugh, WIN!
– Bring the game back, grab another,
…. and another,
…. and another,
…. and maybe the first one again, because it was actually class.

While you’re playing, we’ll be bobbing around, taking your orders for snacks and drinks, helping with tricky rules, acting as mediators when the need arises….

And that’s it. We use the game-session money to buy new games, growing your choices for next time, and replacing any missing/broken parts (rarely, we hope!).

Come play with us.