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Christmas Sell-outs

Every year it’s the same question – what games do we stockpile in anticipation of Christmas? As people get excited for the festive season, games sell out, and many are not then available to restock until after the holidays. As we are now in lockdown(ish), there is the potential for it to be an even […]

What’s in the Fridge – with Shane (23.10.20)

Shane’s been back in the off-licence fridge this week, sampling weird beers so you don’t have to (but you still totally can!). This week he’s been focused on seasonal and higher percentage fare, which may explain why he’s been extra gravelly voiced early in the day… All of the beers are available to order online, […]

Fright Night Games

Halloween is going to be a different experience this year for many people. Little kids won’t be out trick or treating, but hopefully they’ll find a bit of spooky spirit bobbing for apples at home! For a lot of people (like us!) Halloween has long been a night to get out a particularly scary board […]

Shopping Local Online – Some of our Favourites!

Relatively early on in the pandemic Amazon has posted record profits of $5 Billion.  $5 Billion.  It would be very easy to give out about Amazon; to simply say f*ck that bald billionaire, Shop Local! But that bald billionaire gives us something we want, and for me to come here urging you to not shop […]

What’s in the Fridge – with Shane (12.10.20)

Now that the new website is up and running we are really excited to start blogging more regularly about all the lovely things we have in the web store!  I can talk about games ‘till the cows come home, and I am more than happy to go on the occasional rant about the state of […]


TabletopWest Team The Opening of TabletopWest In January of this year we decided to make the move to Bantry, in beautiful West Cork. One half of the tabletop team, Emer, originally comes from Bantry, and has longed for a return to the coast, and an escape from the city. The other half of team tabletop, [...]

Come to Play

At tabletop we want every game to get to the table, and every player to get to their game! One of the ways we aim to accomplish this goal is to run weekly ‘Come to Play’ events. These happen every Wednesday evening currently at tabletopCork, and have been a massive hit! Check out the up [...]

Play More Games

tabletopCork We’ve been busy. Maybe too busy. Since opening our second location just prior to the June bank holiday weekend, we’ve been flat out. It is not a complaint, although some time off, or even some time to think, would be super nice! As a result we have not at all kept up this blog, [...]

Covid19 – Lockdown

This will be a short one. There is a lot of information out there, and you really shouldn’t be getting any of it from a blog about boardgames! We made the decision early this morning to close our bar in Bantry, Tabletop West for the foreseeable future. This was not easy, and not something we [...]

Games for the Younger Players

At Tabletop Cork and Tabletop West recommending games is what we do; what we love to do. There is no better feeling than recommending a game to a table, and then seeing that table return again and again to play the same game! Or recommending a game to someone that later tells you enthusiastically how [...]

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