Christmas Sell-outs

Every year it’s the same question – what games do we stockpile in anticipation of Christmas? As people get excited for the festive season, games sell out, and many are not then available to restock until after the holidays. As we are now in lockdown(ish), there is the potential for it to be an even bigger issue this year, as people are starting to get into the festive mood early in an attempt to fast forward to the end of 2020! We’ve been selling games for a few years now, and feel pretty sure that we know what games will be the sell-outs by early December. Hopefully this will help you avoid disappointment come mid-December…

The early bird gets the Catan!

Exploding Kittens

A classic by now, this silly card game is frankly more fun (and tenser) then it deserves to be. Players take turns playing as many of their cards as they want, and then must pick up a card to end their turn. Pick up an Exploding Kitten, without having a defuse card in your hand allowing you to return it to the deck, and you are out. There are one fewer exploding kittens than players, so one person will survive the game, and everyone else loses. Most cards have text which alter or allow you to break these basic rules, making a simple card game incredibly cut-throat.   

Sold Out or Already Own it, try:

Add more to your game with Barking Kittens or Streaking Kittens / Something different- Cockroach Poker 

Ticket to Ride: Europe

Ticket to Ride is the ultimate family game. This can be played by anyone, from youngest (with a little help) to oldest (with a little help). Players collect cards which they can then trade in to claim train routes between cities on a map board of Europe. Each player has a set of destination tickets which they are attempting to fulfil, earning points both for claiming the routes and completing the tickets. The most points wins. This version of the game adds a few tweaks to the original American map which make for a better game with very little extra rule learning. Ticket to Ride: Europe is the perfect family game, for when you want the TV off and the fire lighting.

Sold Out or Already Own it, try:

Ticket to Ride: Amsterdam / Ticket to Ride Nordic Countries (coming soon) / Fast Sloths 

Cobra Paw

Cobra Paw sells out. Every. Single. Year. This year we are currently down to a single copy, but have more on the way in the next week or so. At Tabletop, Cobra Paw was probably our most played game. It can be taught to, and enjoyed by, almost any group; from two people to six. This is a fast reaction game. You roll the dice and place your finger on the single domino that matches the dice that come up, faster than any other player. If the domino has already been claimed by someone then they must protect it, or it may be stolen. This is fast, furious, a little bit dangerous, but a whole lot of fun. 

Sold Out or Already Own it, try:

Dobble (also available in Gruffalo & Harry Potter versions!) / Dr. Eureka / Flash 8


Formerly Settlers of Catan, this game has been around for a long time. If you do not know it, you’ve probably seen it or heard it referred to in pop culture without realising. In Catan, players work to build settlements and roads using the resources granted to them by a roll of the dice and some randomly placed hexagons. If you find yourself with an abundance of one resource, say for example Sheep, but no access to another, for example Wood, you may trade with other players to gather what you need in order to build. It is this trading element which makes Catan such an ever popular game.

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