City Council Update – and moving on :)

Just wanted to update everyone, as you’d all been so good! Today we received the reply to our restart grant rejection appeal. As expected, it was unfavourable. As far as Cork City Council is concerned Tabletop is gone.

The decision:

appeal rejection

“Dear Mr Heinhold

To qualify for the restart grant a  business must commit to remain open or to reopen if it was closed. The grant is for business “rateable” premises as has been reiterated by the Department of Business Enterprise and Innovation in recent clarifications.  Your business does not qualify for the grant unless you open a premises before 31st August.

In the circumstances I am upholding the  original decision as there is no evidence that the business is reopening before 31st August 2020. In terms of the appeals process, my decision is final on the basis of this application.


Interestingly, we still have not heard from anyone in relation to our application, the rejection, or our appeal. Not a single phone call or email to clarify our position. This date of August 31st appears to have been plucked from the sky. How they have decided that there is “no evidence that the business is reopening before 31st August 2020″ is a bit of a mystery. There you go. They must know things we don’t know.

So that is that. We’d again point out that if the City Council had managed to process applications in a timely manner, then we would already have reopened as a games shop on Castle Street.

Moving on.

Emer and I put together our first games restock order last night! We are super excited to be reading through order lists again. We have been in touch with a great new web designer who is going to start working on making the site even more pretty and easy to use. While all that is going on the site will stay live! So there should be no disruption to your ability to order games from us which will be shipped direct to your door 🙂  We will also, over the next week or so, be adding all of the interesting coffee (with an option to have freshly ground) and coffee equipment to our webstore, as well as a RANGE OF INTERESTING CRAFT BEER CANS. Yes, you read that right. will be your one stop online shop for coffee, games AND craft beer, all delivered to your door! Exciting times.

As if that wasn’t enough, we are working hard behind the scenes on arranging a suitable location in the city from which we can offer ‘local pick up’.

We are still here for all your game needs! It is just going to take us a little while longer than we’d hoped to organise a full restock.

On a personal note, we really are massively grateful for all the support we have received from you. It has been emotional! While we knew that we had built a good spot with Tabletop over the past few years, we’d no idea how much it meant to people. While we may not be physically present for a while, we hope that the extended Tabletop community will be able continue to grow online!

Keep in touch, and thank you!

F**k the City Council. We don’t need them anyway. The next post will be all about GAMES – promise 🙂

Chris & Emer

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