Come to Play

At tabletop we want every game to get to the table, and every player to get to their game! One of the ways we aim to accomplish this goal is to run weekly ‘Come to Play’ events. These happen every Wednesday evening currently at tabletopCork, and have been a massive hit! Check out the up to date listings here.

The Expanse Board Game in play

The Expanse

Our Come to Play events give us a space to teach slightly bigger games, sometimes MUCH bigger games, that aren’t pulled from the shelf that often. Sometimes we run events for games that do not have a full time space in our Games Library due to their table size. Being a small independent business we just can’t afford to have a table of four spread across a table which seats 12, playing Scythe for 3 hours (as much as we’d love to see that on a regular basis!). By running the Come to Play events, these games get their time.


Over the past few months these events have become increasingly popular, to the extent that all of the Come To Play nights announced for July so far (Betrayal at House on the Hill, Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig, and Mysterium) were sold out before the first of the month!


RPG shelf in the Games Library

We have also recently added a Role Playing section to our Games Library, and are running two tester events in July; Come to Create – Dungeons & Dragons Beginners Character Creation. We were delighted that the first of these evenings, on July 14th, has already sold out, and I’d be surprised if spaces remained on the second evening, July 28th, for long.

For tabletopWest, we are working on a series of events to launch our official opening in the next week. During the soft opening of Month 1, we’ve focused on growing our menu and getting the basics right, and now it’s the time to step things up with a calendar of regular events! Watch this space….

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