Covid19 – Lockdown

This will be a short one. There is a lot of information out there, and you really shouldn’t be getting any of it from a blog about boardgames!

We made the decision early this morning to close our bar in Bantry, Tabletop West for the foreseeable future. This was not easy, and not something we took lightly. We do think it was for the best, and the subsequent government announcement this evening asking all bars and pubs across the country to close down until March 29th, at the earliest, bears this out.

In the city, on Castle Street, Tabletop Cork opened in a very limited manner today, just selling retail games and take away coffee. We will open the shop in the city again tomorrow for a few hours for the same reason, and because we have a large delivery of games arriving in, ordered for Knavecon (which has obviously been postponed until further notice). From 5pm tomorrow both the bar in Bantry and the cafe in the City will be closed.

You will hear a lot about how hard it is for industry to survive this in the coming days I am sure. It is going to be next to impossible without serious government and banking assistance, along with a large amount of understanding from suppliers, landlords and staff. To say we operate on slim margins is an understatement. With the constant barrage of storms (and more importantly storm warnings- a discussion for another day), we and many others working in hospitality were already struggling to get started in 2020. This shut down is serious stuff.

Over the past few days I have had some amazing people into the cafe expressing their concern and hope that we will make it out of this. We will do our very best, but really nothing is certain at the moment.

This webstore will remain open, and all that lovely Knavecon stock will be available to buy through here. We also have some ideas for fun things we can do online during the lockdown, so keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook pages for that.

I might take a day off to just decompress after the past couple of days of high anxiety. I’ll definitely play some board games. With all the extra time on my hands expect some updates here, recommending games or perhaps generally rambling.

For now, thank you and chat soon.


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