Fill your Stockings

It’s getting close to the big day. The main thing I am missing about physical shopping this year is the mindless wandering in and out of odd little shops. Aside from the basic fact that I am now much more conscious about where I am spending time and for how long I am in a space, with queuing involved I am much more likely to give the mindless wander a miss. This has resulted in a very specific problem… I have no little bits for my loved ones Christmas stockings! Those odds and ends that are crammed in with the traditional Orange (as far as Emer is concerned it is not Christmas without an Orange in your sock!), are missing from my hidden pile of pressies.

With that in mind, here are a few ideas for filling your Christmas Stockings with.

Santa Banter — €12.99

This is a mini-Festive-version of the bigger Obama Llama. A rhyming word game, where you break into teams and attempt to get your loved ones to guess ridiculous rhyming phrases without using the words yourself, Santa Banter is perfect for laughing off the most indulgent Christmas dinner!

Deep Sea Adventure — €16.99

This is a push your luck game, where you get to push everybody’s luck! As divers you must go deep underwater to reach the most valuable treasure, but beware! The more treasure you are carrying the slower you move and the faster you will use up the shared oxygen supply. Deep Sea Adventure is a big game in a super tiny box.

Schotten Totten 2 — €18.60

This two player card games adds enough to the original to make it stand on its own merits, without taking away anything from its predecessor. Both Schotten Totten, and its sequel offer fantastically re-playable card games for two. Work to build an unbeatable hand of cards on your side of the line. Schotten Totten 2 adds asymmetrical play, as you either attach or defend the ‘castles’ on the line.

Flip Over Frog — €13.90

I was briefly obsessed with this game, teaching it to every person I came into contact with. This was an easy task as it is super simple to learn and play. Each player has a secret goal, a colour of frog which they want to dominate in the swamp. On your turn play a frog and flip any adjacent frogs. The simplicity hides a super fun and tactical game, as you work to multiply your frogs without tipping your hand to other players and causing them to gang up against you- flipping your frogs! And its really cute!

Monster Match — €15.99

Monster Match is a fast thinking, reaction game. Lay out the monster cards, roll the dice and then put your fingers on the monsters that match the attributes rolled — for example is a x4 and ‘arms’ dice are rolled, find the monsters with 4 arms! This is a kids game you will have no problem playing over and over again on Christmas morning.

Hope these are helpful suggestions.

Have fun playing!


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