Halloween is going to be a different experience this year for many people. Little kids won’t be out trick or treating, but hopefully they’ll find a bit of spooky spirit bobbing for apples at home! For a lot of people (like us!) Halloween has long been a night to get out a particularly scary board game, a whole lot of terrible snacks, and invite some friends around for a fright. While inviting friends around is not possible at the moment, we can still do the first two things! Board games, beers and an array of sweet treats await us this coming Fright Night 

Here are a few games currently on the webstore that will set the mood for your spooky evening

Zombie Kidz Evolution

Two of the games on this list are Zombie themed; it’s hard to avoid the walking dead in board games over the past number of years. 

Zombie Kids Evolution is aimed at a younger audience, for players aged 7 and up. It is the first Legacy game aimed at this demographic, and does a fantastic job of introducing the Legacy concept (every time you play the game will be a little different based on what you have done before, with ‘permanent’ changes being made via stickers). The game begins quite easily, and as players learn, they can add in missions or work towards trophies. The individual games are short, but there is a lot to do and accomplish within the game, so many sessions will include more than one play through! And when you have finished all of the missions, the game continues to be playable as your own unique(ish) version.   


Mysterium is the ultimate Halloween night game. A murder has been committed, and as a groups of psychics, players must work to uncover the murderer, weapon, and location (much like in classic Cluedo). All of the information they have about the deed is communicated to them through one player* who acts as the ghost of the victim. Unfortunately, as an incorporeal spirit, the lines of communication are limited to a deck of abstract image cards, which the ghost must use to guide the players towards uncovering the truth. 

*Dress your ghost player in a white sheet for added fright-factor! 

Dead of Winter

The second zombie themed game on this short list, this one is most definitely NOT aimed at children. In Dead of Winter, players cooperate to complete missions and survive the dead filled apocalypse. At the start of the game each player is also given a secret objective card to work towards, and a number of these turn that player into traitors hiding within the group. The anxiety which can be caused by not knowing if you even have a traitor in the group, let alone who that person is, is just one of the brilliant aspects of this incredibly tense game (disclaimer- this is one of my most favourite games). As the rounds progress, the hordes of dead attempt to take over your compound, and overrun the different locations you need to search to find different items to complete your goals. 


Whatever you do this Halloween night, remember the true spirit of Halloween does not come from going door to door harassing people for cheap sweets, it comes from frightening your loved ones and attempting to raise the dead. Embrace the lockdown horror. 

Have fun! Stay Safe! Play more Games!


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