Games for the Younger Players

At Tabletop Cork and Tabletop West recommending games is what we do; what we love to do. There is no better feeling than recommending a game to a table, and then seeing that table return again and again to play the same game! Or recommending a game to someone that later tells you enthusiastically how well it went down at home with their players.

Over the next few days we will post some recommendations here, but you can also contact us anytime via or Facebook or Instagram for a chat!

At the moment many of us have younger gamers stuck at home, and we have got to find ways to keep their little minds busy. Games provide a great opportunity for encouraging interaction, and space for teaching life skills such as how to lose (and how to win!), patience, and sharing.

In the cafe we will usually try to bring 3 options to anyone that asks for a recommendation. I am going to stick with that rule of thumb. The first 3 games below are for the much younger gamers; requiring little/no reading, and not taking too long.  The second 3 are for the slightly older age group, with a more complexity and reading of cards involved.

Ticket to Ride: First Journey (€30)

This game takes the basic idea of the grown up Ticket to Ride games, and simplifies things. Players have a hand of destination tickets and must collect sets of coloured cards in order to lay their trains down on the board, joining up their cities.

Dobble (€17)

The classic ‘fast reaction game’; Dobble can be played in 5 different ways. Each circular card has a number of symbols, and every card has one symbol which matches with every other card (marvel at that maths!). Players either race to collect or discard cards by finding these matches faster than everyone else.

Concept Kids: Animals (€30)

Another junior version of a grown up game, in Concept Kids: Animals, players work together in order to use concepts or ideas in order to explain different animals to one another. Work out what the animal is – and you all win. Black + Yellow + flies + buzz + honey = what do you think it could be?

And for the slightly older kids…

Color Brain: Disney (€30)

In Color Brain, each player or team starts with all of the answers in the form of a hand of coloured cards. Every question can be answered by one, or a number of these cards. Players place their answers face down on the table and reveal at the same time, with uniquely correct answers scoring points. I love that this game is enjoyable with just two players, but also in large groups.

Hey! That’s My Fish (€19)

Each player controls a number of penguins on the ice. Move your penguins in straight lines around the board removing the tile you have just moved off, and gobbling up the fish that were represented on that tile. The player who has eaten the most fish wins; but be careful, it is easy to be trapped, or trap, each other on the ever decreasing ice!

30 Seconds Junior (currently on sale at €25)

The fast talking, quick thinking game, for kids! This junior version of 30 Seconds has simplified words and a faster pay time. Designed in Ireland, there will be something on every card that everyone will know. A great game for when you want to build up the energy levels a little bit.

I really hope this list is helpful, or has at least given you an idea of some different games which exist out there which you may have been missing out on.

Chat again soon.

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