Isolation Together

Many of us are unexpectedly spending a whole lot more time with the people we live with. Our loved ones have become coworkers as we adjust to working in our living rooms and at our dining tables. Tonight I wanted to share a couple of recommendations for two player games. Sitting down with a cup of tea or a glass of wine and playing something together will take your mind off all of those annoying habits you’d never noticed about your new ‘coworker’ before!

Hive (€29.50)

This abstract strategy game for two plays similarly to chess, minus the board. Each player has a number of pieces, their bugs, which they take turns placing into the shared hive and moving around in an attempt to surround the opponent’s queen. You can not move your bugs until your queen has joined the hive, which must happen on or before your fourth turn. You can also never split the hive, moving a piece which would result in the collective dividing, which makes trapping and holding your opponents pieces a vital strategy. Hive is simple to learn, with each bug having a distinct, but  ‘common sense’, mode of movement. A worker ant can move as many spaces as it likes around the outside of the hive, while a beetle can only move one space at a time, but can also climb onto the hive and move around up there. Each game is an entirely new challenge.

Keyforge (€29)

From the designer of collectable card game, Magic the Gathering, Keyforge is a two player card game with some unique selling points. First among these is the fact that each deck you buy is unique, leading to a seemingly limitless combination of cards and strategies. In Keyforge players race to collect Aember, a resource required for the forging of keys (while the artwork and flavour text on the cards is detailed and often beautiful, the ‘theme’ here is fairly loose).  Collect or manufacture 6 Aember, and at the start of the next turn you can forge a Key; forge three Keys and you win the game. Cards are divided into 7 possible houses, three of which will be present in your 36 card deck. Each turn you nominate a house and can then only play cards from your hand, or use cards already out on the table, which match your nominated house. The basic rule set makes this an easy game to pick up and teach, but the variety of cards and interactions available between cards will keep you coming back again and again.

Schotten Totten (€18)

In Schotten Totten each player begins with a hand of six cards. You take turns laying a card down on your side of a line of ‘stones’ (/tiles) which divide the two players, and then drawing a new card. When one player has an unbeatable hand, the best being a colour run (for example 3, 4, 5 in red), they get to take the stone. But you can only take the stone when it is proven that your opponent will not be able to place a better hand on their side of the line. Although I’ve never played it, people have told me that the game play reminds them of Chinese Poker. I have played Schotten Totten dozens of times, and it is a constant delight. The fun artwork, simplicity of turns, and deep thinking, along with an ability to really mess up your opponents plans, make this a game which constantly hits our table!

Other notable two player games currently in stock include Patchwork, and the brand new POP! Funkoverse DC expandalone (which I am really looking forward to trying soon!). If any of these games sound interesting and you’d like more information about them, just drop us a message! Hopefully your new live-in coworker and you will find something fun to play from the games we have in store, and you don’t resort to nominating a pet to the position of HR in order to keep things harmonious…

Cheers, stay safe,


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