Making the call

This blog post is copied from a Facebook post, that went up on Monday 22nd of June. It is re-posted here in case anyone might have missed the original. We will be posting more regular blogs; on games, beers, food, and general goings on, soon. Thank you.

Today, Monday the 22nd of June, Tabletop has been closed for 100 days. It has been wild. We shut down fast, opening back up is a different matter.

We’re going to cut right to the chase, Tabletop will be continuing on as an online retailer for the foreseeable future. We will not be reopening as a Board Game Cafe on Castle Street.

This has not by any means been an easy decision. Emer and I have agonised over what to do and how to move forward from this forced closure. At the end of the day, while social distancing remains one of the best ways for us to guard against this virus, and with the level of uncertainty around how to best reopen safely, we had to make a call.

Tabletop will still be here for you, albeit through a different medium. Our webstore will be going through some changes and improvements over the coming weeks, and we really hope that you will continue to stay in touch with us for recommendations, and just general chat about the games that we all love. If you want to come visit us, we will be serving food and drinks from West, in Bantry.

This week, on Castle Street, from Thursday to Saturday, we will be open for a sale on ex-Library Games. There are going to be some amazing bargains to be had there!! Come by to say hi and chat about what comes next 🙂

Thank you to every single one of you that ever visited. If you had backed us on Kickstarter way back when, you gave us the confidence to move forward with this idea. To our amazing colleagues that have become friends over the past few years, you are the heart of Tabletop, and you made it what it was. Thank you.

This is sad news, but it is not forever news.


Watch this space.

Thank you so much.

Chris & Emer

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