Crunhcy Granola

mixed berry compote with a choice of greek yogurt   4.5

pomegranate, molasses and sesame seed bagels

served with cream cheese, peanut butter, dulce de leche or butter and jam ( add Jamon Serrano  + 1.5)   3.5


on the blackboard served with house hummus and crisps  6.5

Seasonal Soup of the day

served with West Cork Olive Foccacia or gluten free bread  4.5

Selection of scones and pastries

on the counter, served with butter, jam and cream

Barabarian Bread & Dips

Foccacia & Italian Flatbread w House Hummus & Tzatziki   8

Mezze Board

Stuffed Vine Leaves, Olives, Marinated Artichoke Hearts, House Dips, Roasted Almonds, Pickles, Pretzels Sticks & Toasted Flatbread ( or gluten free bread )  7.2 / 12.9

Cheese Board

Three Farmhouse Cheeses, Quince Jelly, Grapes, Olives & Toasted Flatbread ( or gluten free bread) 7.2 / 12.9

Cheese & Carcuterie Board

Two Farmhouse Cheeses, Serrano Reserva, Chorizo Iberica Bellota, Olives, Grapes, Pickles & Toasted Flatbread ( or gluten free bread )   8.5 / 15.20