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We’ve been busy. Maybe too busy.

Since opening our second location just prior to the June bank holiday weekend, we’ve been flat out. It is not a complaint, although some time off, or even some time to think, would be super nice! As a result we have not at all kept up this blog, and have yet to launch our online retail. It is coming, but will take just a little bit more time.

While being busy, we are making a real effort to play more games ourselves. Apart from sneaky games of Keyforge in quieter moments, it has been months since Emer and I have played games, at all never mind together. This is just not OK. We did not open a board game cafés with hundreds and hundreds of titles available to play to not play games ourselves!

Blue Lagoon

In the past week I spent an excellent afternoon playing Blue Lagoon from Blue Orange games, and White Wizard‘s Star Realms. Blue Lagoon, designed by Reiner Kenizia, is so simple to play, with really only three actions available on your turn. Despite this there are many ways to score points so the options and strategies open up quickly. The sci-fi deck-builder Star Realms is an old favourite of mine, and a game I will definitely be making an effort to play more often in those rare quieter moments (especially as I am currently reading the Expanse series of books so the ships really resonate).


At home, Emer and I find it tricky to make time to play, with a small baby and the constant thought of the two cafes on our minds. But this week we made the effort and played not one but two excellent games! Lotus, from Ravensburger Spieleverlag, has been sitting on our shelves for months. It is sad that the game has not seen much table time in the shop, but completely our own faults as it was not being taught. Again, this is a simple enough game, but with a wide verity of scoring options. The pretty flowers you create and score add a lot, as the design of how you overlap cards to create the blossoms is incredibly well realised. The last game we played this week was Wingspan, winner of the prestigious 2019 Kennerspiel des Jahres award, this game really does live up to the hype. Beautifully produced, as you’d expect from Stonemaier Games, the game play flies along, with a wide array of decisions and options displayed clearly in front of you. This was Emer’s first play through of Wingspan, and it is a game we will return to again very soon!


Playing games is just good fun. It might seam an obvious thing for people that own board game cafes to advocate, but playing games relaxes, refocuses the mind and rejuvenates the spirit… OK, maybe we are a bit biased.

Play More Games

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