Three Fools Brazil Edio Miranda 250G


A stunning coffee from a family owned and run farm inside a national park in Brazil. This coffee has real summer vibes, but is not overly bright or fruity. Three Fools 2nd ever Honey Process Coffee! Hailing from Brazil, this coffee has notes of Honey, Lemon and Pineapple! A real summer coffee! This coffee comes from the Sítio Santo Antonio Do Prado in Araponga & is owned by the Miranda Family.


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Edio Miranda and his wife Maria took over the farm in 1947. They have turned what was an area that had no purpose, into a stunning coffee farm which also hosts a family leisure park. Sitio Santo Antonio do Prado is found inside a national park which is surrounded by waterfalls and mountains. Their farm is a family run business with with all production done exclusively by family members.

Please let us know in the notes if you would like this ground before shipping.