Three Fools Lizana Garcia (Peru) 250g


Lizana Garcia is Three Fool’s first ever coffee from Peru. It is from the producer Alindor Lizana Garcia & the Chinchay farm.

The Chinchay family is an example to the ”Neuva York” community. Their farm is located at an altitude of 1600 m, practices only organic farming and participated in the Cup of Excellence in 2017, remaining since then the farm with the best coffee in the San Martin region. Alindor knows that drying coffee is a very important factor if you want to get quality and has built African beds that allow him to control the temperature by constantly turning the beans. They do this for 20/25 days until the humidity reaches 11.5%. Alindor shared his experience with other farmers, especially young people, who can be guided on this path of producing quality coffee in harmony and respect for nature. This lot, with number 111, consists exclusively of the Typica variety, very sensitive to diseases and with a lower yield, but which is known for its typical sweetness, and the fruity notes, with exotic and citrus nuances, balance and complete the experience.

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