Flip Over Frog


The flippin’ frogs are coming! Help your brightly coloured frogs take control of your little corner of the rainforest!


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In Flip Over Frog, each player (up to 5, which is a nice high count, but it does play well with just 2 also) attempts to place and flip more of their colour frogs face up in the rain forest then other players. The person with the most face up frogs wins. An interesting aspect, and the thing that makes me love this game, is that you are secretly assigned a frog color, and you do not know until the end, or until you guess, which colour other players are trying to win with. The addition of snakes, which allows you to remove frogs from the board, offers a great way to test your guesses of your opponent’s goal. It is a super fast, super easy to teach game, which you can enjoy over and over.