Keyforge Dark Tidings Deluxe Archon Deck


The Deluxe Archon Deck includes all game components for a single player.

Dark Tidings introduces a brand-new House to your games of KeyForge, replacing House Dis in the rotation of active Houses. Dwelling deep in the oceans of the Crucible, House Unfathomable takes Dark Tidings in a decidedly aquatic direction. With a mix of humanoid Aquans and dangerous deep-sea beasts, the Unfathomable can be deadly for unprepared creatures that stray into their domain. But with the tides rising across the Crucible, the entire planet may soon fall under the control of House Unfathomable… As well as the new faction, there is also a new mechanic introduced in the form of the High/Low tide card. Every Archon Deck in Dark Tidings comes with the new Tide Card (Dark Tidings, 0), and it forms an integral part of many cards in this set. The Tide Card starts each game out of play, but as soon as one player raises the tide, the Tide Card is brought into play, with High Tide facing toward you and Low Tide facing your opponent.



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