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Relatively early on in the pandemic Amazon has posted record profits of $5 Billion. 

$5 Billion. 

It would be very easy to give out about Amazon; to simply say f*ck that bald billionaire, Shop Local! But that bald billionaire gives us something we want, and for me to come here urging you to not shop with his company, while doing so (occasionally) myself would be disingenuous. We all use Amazon. Sometimes it is the best option. No local store made, or could have made, the TV show Picard and beam it to my living room! But sometimes there are alternatives, and these days more than ever it is super important to seek those alternatives out. 

Your local game seller, coffee seller, chocolate seller, craft seller, or soap seller, are working hard to keep their show on the road under intense pressure. We can’t all see your lovely faces and chat to you over a counter-top in the current circumstances; but we are all still  here offering great service and fantastic products. 

Levels 3, 4, 5, all the bits of levels in between, the pick n’ mix approach that our government appears intent on pursuing, it’s making it incredibly difficult to keep going. By choosing to support a small local business where you can, you are making a huge difference.

I would normally not mention the C word before Halloween, but this year I’d suggest shopping early, as well as shopping local!

Some great Irish online suppliers I will be shopping with for this Christmas include;


The Craft Shop – Bantry –

With a beautiful selection of handcrafted items, as well as a great range from Birkenstock, there is something for everyone here. Every year we get each other a fancy mug from the craft shop for winter tea drinking by the fire!     


Suds Johnson – Craft Markets –

We LOVE Suds soaps. You really have to keep those hands clean these days, and Suds is just the man to help you out. Beautifully scented soaps, shaving equipment, and monthly soap subscriptions (!!) make Christmas gift shopping easy.


Three Fools Coffee – Cork City –

While you can buy some of their delicious coffee, ground how you like it or whole bean, directly from us, for the full range you need to go to the Fools themselves. As well as coffee and fancy merchandise, you’ll also find guides on home brewing, home brew equipment, and you really should check out the fancy merch! 


The Chocolate Shop – The English Market –

If this was not the time to treat yourself to decadent chocolate, then when will be. We are dealing with a pandemic, in the winter, and Halloween is coming closely followed by Christmas!  Delicate little chocolate selections, or delicious bars (my absolute favourite is anything from Menakao), you’ll find the perfect sweet treat for yourself or a loved one here. 


There are also some amazing options out there for tasty and useful necessities delivered to your door, or for contactless collection. in Dublin, and the numerous Neighborfood outlets across the country offer amazing, often super local, produce. All you need for your (fancy) weekly shop in a single convenient space. Organico, based here in Bantry, have a webshop bursting with everything you need to keep body and spirit in tact through these trying times! Give these small local businesses a go! You don’t have to do all your shopping from them, but don’t be afraid to mix it up. You deserve nice things. 


Don’t forget your local café if you do find yourself out and about looking for a takeaway coffee! We are still here for you, brewing much better coffee than any chain store can manage (those I don’t mind categorically encouraging you to avoid!)

…. and for your board games, card games, craft beers, and coffee…. I hope you already know where to go for those provisions!

Stay safe. Stay well. Play Games, and drink better beer/eat better food. If we are going to be locked down, we might as well be as good to ourselves as possible while we do it.

Shop Local.


Chris & Emer

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