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The Opening of TabletopWest

In January of this year we decided to make the move to Bantry, in beautiful West Cork. One half of the tabletop team, Emer, originally comes from Bantry, and has longed for a return to the coast, and an escape from the city. The other half of team tabletop, Chris (me!), was less enthusiastic, but after about 12 years of brining up the idea, was finally won over to give it a try.

“We will move down and see how it goes for 6 months…” she said.

Our son, Thom, needs the space. Our business needs the space. As many of you will know, tabletopCork has a limited amount of storage, and last Christmas we ended up with boxes of games colonising both our own home and the home of my parents! Not ideal.

With the decision to move ourselves west, the thought emerged that if we had a little commercial space in Bantry we could capitalise on some of the summer business, while also expanding our  storage before next Christmas. We made an appointment to view one place, and while there were told of another… with a full bar license in place. Sure what harm would taking a look do?

A couple of months later, with many sleepless nights, we have opened tabletopWest in the old Crackers on High Street, Bantry. Having a full bar and a whole lot more space allows us to experiment with different local craft beers, play with mixed drinks, and to expand our food options. The two stores will play well off one another (we hope!!).

Perhaps most excitingly for this website, the space in Bantry will also allow us to develop an active online sales presence! The shop within this site will open soon and offer delivery across Ireland, as well as the option to click and collect from either tabletopCork or tabletopWest.  Exciting times indeed.

We hope you come visit us. If you are exploring the Wild Atlantic Way, and the seasonable rain gets too much/you fancy a break from the heat with a cold drink and a game; if you live locally and fancy something different to do of an evening; if you love visiting tabletopCork and want to come say hi to us out West, we are open now Tuesday to Saturday from 10am-11pm, and Sunday to Monday 10am-8pm. Come say hi!


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