Teens at home… and no escape from them!

We live with an almost two year old and a no longer seventy year old, but I am aware that there is a vast ‘other’ age group lurking around peoples homes (hopefully no longer going out and about) that are in need of entertainment. Through social media we received a message this week from a person whose teenage household were driving them a little mad at the game table! This is, I am sure, very normal. Embrace it. Drive them mad by winning!

Here are three games from our current stock list which we’d recommend playing with those pesky teens

Legendary Forests €29

Games in which you are competing, but not necessarily competing in the same space, are great for this age group. Legendary Forest can be described as a solitaire/competitive game; as each player is building their own forest grid using the same information, but will score points based on how well they arrange their tiles and make use of their space. There will be a winner, but you won’t feel attacked.

Mysterium €48

A semi-cooperative game, the point scoring in this is really secondary to the thrill of solving the mystery. One player takes on the role of a ghost, with the remaining players all become psychics attempting to solve the murder. Of course the ghost knows the answers; they know who the murderer was, what the weapon was, and where the deed was done (sound familiar?). Over a number of rounds the ghost gives the other players clues in the form of abstract art cards, similar in style to those found in Dixit. A little fiddly to set up, but well worth the effort as the game unfolds.

Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space €30

A game of hidden identities, subterfuge and general sneakyness, set on a badly damaged deep space research ship. If your teens are too good at this, you may have a problem…. Players secretly take on the role of survivors or killer aliens. The game is played on a hexagon-based map that represents the spaceship. Each player is given a map sheet and a pencil. To move players must write on their map sheet the coordinates of the sector to which they are moving. Every time the players move to the gray (dangerous) sectors they have to draw a card; these cards make the players tell the others their position or lie about it, depending on the card. Keep a close eye on the movements of other players to work out if they are friend or blood thirsty alien non-friend!

Stay Safe. Don’t kill your teens. Do keep them at home.



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