Two Week Mark

We are closed two weeks today (15 days for West, 14 days on Castle Street).

How are you finding this period of the fight against Covid19? For us, it has been having its ups and downs.

We have had time. So. Much Time. We’ve spent time together, preparing and eating meals, playing games, watching all of the TV, doing the housework that has been put off WAY too long, chopping firewood, baking cakes, and just doing nothing in particular. This has all been lovely; especially the food eating as Emer is an exceptional cook!

It’s been very lovely, but there is an underlying weirdness that permeates everything we do now. And then there is the constant hummmm in the back of our minds about the shop; our staff, who have been amazingly supportive and understanding since this started, and you, our customers, who through a simple act like sharing a social media post or buying a game or leaving a review have made us feel that we can keep fighting. The 19th of April feels very far away, and to be honest more than a little arbitrary. We are sure that Tabletop will be back, but we honestly can’t say in what form it will return.

For now we are so incredibly happy that we have the online store to keep things ticking over. Having that outlet has kept us focused, kept us thinking about games, and importantly we feel like it has kept us connected to you.

Today there was a problem with the webstore which Chris had to try and resolve while Thom cried and wriggled in his arms. One handed typing is not for the faint of heart. Well done to all those tech people working from home on their computers all day long with small people running around! The issue was fixed, but in fixing it we were (not for the first time) reminded what a wonderful support network we have around us. Chris was able to phone a friend for help, himself busy with real work AND typing one handed with a sleeping newborn in the other arm. We are so lucky.

And we are lucky in so many other ways. We’ve a safe warm home. Space to walk outside. Food for Emer to turn into amazing meals, and a decent connection to the internet which brings entertainment and business directly to us.

We are about half way through this phase of the Lock-in (a much nicer way of thinking about it than Shut Down or Lock Down). We are going to spend the next bit trying hard to remember how lucky we are.

We will also play more games. I promise I’ll write the next blog about those.



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