Virtual Isolation

Yes I know this is the second blog post we’ve posted recently with Isolation in the title. We are baritas not subeditors; headlines are not what we do.

Today I wanted to point out some of the amazing virtual social spaces that have opened up since this whole thing began. A couple of nights ago Emer met friends from Toronto, London, Cork and even Bantry on Zoom for a drink. Off she went to a bedroom with a pint (in a wine glass, she is classy), leaving her mother and I to chill with our soaps – a growing addiction I am going to find hard to shake.

Staying at home has never been this interactive!

Join a Quiz

Ronan Leonard has been running quizzes and events in Cork for many,many, many (many… sorry Ronan!) years. His questions are well crafted and balanced, so everyone will find something they know. His jokes are… sometimes hilarious and often less so. What I particularly love about the quizzes Ronan has been running over the past few days, although it may now feel like years, is that he runs day time kids quizzes and evening time quizzes for the grown ups! Teach your kids without them knowing it, in a very unSchool like setting. In the evening crack open a beer and see if you can do better!

Yoga Time

There are a number of people offering yoga classes virtually, and probably some studios starting that service as well. Hazel is my favourite teacher, and since we opened the shops and had a baby and moved to Bantry (it’s been a busy two years!) I’ve really missed her classes. So this is a great treat. She streams via Instagram Live.

Dance Party

Stevie G is a familiar name to all lovers of Good Music in Cork. DJ, Promoter, Radio Presenter, general all round nice man, Stevie is getting the house party (for people within your household) started with live streamed DJ sets. Like Ronan, Stevie is putting up content for both a younger, daytime audience as well the grown ups of an evening. Surely dancing to Back Bar classics counts as PE for the day?

There are far more than these three; too many to mention. I’ve an amazing friend offering French classes for school kids, virtually, from Toronto on Saturday mornings. You can email for more information! There are so many friends recording lovely music to send out into the world, all for free. Watch a gig from your living room. A lot of this good stuff happens on Instagram. If you don’t already follow us, you can find us @tabletopcork_gamer.

These people are all amazing. They’ll keep us sane.

Thank you, stay safe!

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