What’s in the Fridge – with Shane (09.11.23)

Shane has been hard at it again this week working his way through the Take Away Fridge. Have a look at his selection, and if you see anything you fancy but live further than an essential trip away, we will happily ship them to you anywhere on this lovely island of ours!

Phantom, Hazy IPA, 4%

Halloween might have come and gone, but there’s one Phantom that’s here to stay. Sligo-based

brewing company The White Hag have been a mainstay at West since we first establishing our off-

licence, and for good reason. These brewers produce a noticeably wide range of beers, even by craft

standards, but this hazy IPA is probably my favourite. At 4%, Phantom goes down easy, but there is a

surprising complexity that will leave your tastebuds bouncing between the fruity zing, bitter hops,

and piney undertones that come with each one sip.

Bright Eyes, Table Beer, 3%

Speaking of The White Hag, Kildare brewers Trouble Brewing have teamed up with them to produce

this table beer, Bright Eyes. That would perhaps explain the similar piney undertones found here,

but there is also a distinctive earthiness reminiscent of what you would find in a whiskey. Being a

whiskey drinker myself, I was initially caught off guard, but came around quick to the variety of

flavours present. To the whiskey-averse, fear not, as table beers are, by nature, of a lower alcoholic

volume that usually falls between 2% and 4%, so the flavours are big while the kick is ever so slight.

If you’re a fan of light beers, then the future is Bright Eyes!

Mayfield 5, Pilsner Lager, 5%

One of my personal favourites in the fridge, Cotton Ball Brewing Co.’s Mayfield 5 is a pilsner that has

craft written all over it, and I’m not just talking about the label! It has the edgy hoppiness of any

craft beer worth its salt, along with its own distinctive flavour profile that includes a hint of

sweetness from the light caramel malt used during the brewing process. What stands out most,

however, is how crisp and clean the beer is; subtle once it hit the tongue and goes down easy, while

each flavour never overstays its welcome. If, like me, pilsner lager is your beverage of choice, look no

further than Mayfield 5.

We have some really exciting new products to add to the drinks section of our webstore next week – including wine and gin gift sets! Emer will be writing a blog detailing those towards the end of the week, so watch out for that.

Drink better beer, play more games, and Shop Local!

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