What’s in the Fridge – with Shane (12.10.20)

Now that the new website is up and running we are really excited to start blogging more regularly about all the lovely things we have in the web store! 

I can talk about games ‘till the cows come home, and I am more than happy to go on the occasional rant about the state of our politics; but when it comes to writing about the new and exciting range of craft beer we have in the off-licence (both virtual and physical), I thought it best left to someone with a bit more first hand knowledge. I’ve been sober for 12 years, today funnily enough, so while I will include a blog on our wide range of alcohol free beers at some point, there are beers and breweries that we now sell which I’ve never tried! Happily, Shane is more than willing to try them on our behalf.

Shane has worked with us in West since day one, when it was still Tabletop West. He loves board games, and he really enjoys a good beer. I trust his opinion on these matters, and I am delighted that he agreed to write a bit for us about what’s in the fridge!


Beer is my drink. Be it lager, ale, witbier, stout, or anything in between, you name it, I’ll likely drink it. Yet for the longest time I resisted craft beer, remaining staunchly loyal to the best-known brands, which had treated me very well over the years. However, working at West has turned into, dare I say it, something of a ‘beer connoisseur’, persistently chasing my next favourite craft brew.

Fortunately, we at West now have more choice than ever with our new off-licence, which features an extensive selection of carefully chosen craft beers, some of which you won’t find anywhere else in West Cork!

Sierraveza, 5%

My personal favourite, Sierraveza from Sierra Nevada, is perhaps the most uncomplicated of all our beers, but it is a near-guaranteed crowd-pleaser for that very reason. The label promises an “Easy-Drinking Lager” and more than delivers. If you are like me and enjoy the best-known brands but want a bit of variety in your go-to alcoholic beverages, then Sierraveza is the craft beer for you!

Totally Tropical IPA, 5%

Hailing from Blacks Brewery of Kinsale, Totally Tropical IPA packs one hell of a fruity punch! Infused with mango and pineapple, this perfect marriage of sweet and tangy is for the unabashed fruit-lovers who like to chillax in the sun with a refreshing beer in hand. Blacks is one of the most exciting brewers around at the moment, and Totally Tropical IPA is among their best craft beers to date.

Rollover Session IPA, 3.8%

If you are searching for a drink that lacks the higher-than-usual alcoholic content of craft beers, without sacrificing that subtle IPA kick, look no further than Rollover from Whiplash. One of our bestsellers, Rollover is no pushover with its rich body and unimposing flavour, while its clouded haze is mesmerising in a glass, proving that you don’t just eat with your eyes. There is a reason why people keep coming back for more.


Hope this was helpful! We look forward to hearing more from Shane.

Stay safe. Play games. Drink better beers.

The Tabletop & West team 


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