What’s in the Fridge – with Shane (23.10.20)

Shane’s been back in the off-licence fridge this week, sampling weird beers so you don’t have to (but you still totally can!). This week he’s been focused on seasonal and higher percentage fare, which may explain why he’s been extra gravelly voiced early in the day…

All of the beers are available to order online, and have delivered direct to you, or from the off licence in store. We planning to remain open throughout Level5, serving food and drinks to-go.

White Hag; Samhain, Pumpkin Ale, 6.2%
Whether you have a year-round love affair with pumpkin spice lattes or a sweet tooth that
crescendos every October 31 st , The White Hag’s seasonal Samhain Pumpkin Ale should be the trick to your treat! Short of sitting in your living room dressed as Donal Trump while declaring Hocus Pocus to be a “tremendous” movie, Samhain is likely the closest you’ll get to the Halloween spirit in 2020.

Lervig; Perler For Svin, IPA, 6.2%
I have absolutely no idea who Svin is, but by God he has great taste! Norwegian brewing company
Lervig delivers one of the smoothest IPAs we’ve stocked yet at West, as Perler for Svin’s combination of azzaca, mosaic and simcoe hops makes for a refreshingly fruity craft beer without the usual bitterness expected of an IPA. Beers with high alcohol content tend to possess a certain sharpness to their profile, which can be off-putting to some, but Perler for Svin is the exception to that rule.

ToØl; F*ck Art, This is Hygge, Red IPA, 7%
If Perler for Svin is the exception to the rule of sharp flavours in high percentage beers, then Hygge – pronounced hue-guh for those less inclined to Google it – is the rule. Brewed by Danish company ToØl (you’re on your own with this one), at 7% Hygge doesn’t mess around, which is clear from the
very first sip. In fact, it is best to sip and savour Hygge if you are to truly appreciate the nuances of a
red IPA that is more than the sum of its alcoholic content.

Hopefully you find these useful in your exploration of our interesting beers!

Have a great weekend

Chris & Shane

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