What’s in the Fridge – with Shane (25.11.20)

Wednesday evening, time to start planning what you’ll be drinking this weekend 🙂

Shane has been busy tasting and sampling again this week. A nice mix, with a pale ale, a lager, and a gluten free session IPA hitting his glass.

Gamma Ray, American Pale Ale, 5.4%
Here’s a nice little titbit for you: Beavertown is a British brewery founded by Logan Plant, the son of
legendary Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant.
Considering Led Zeppelin’s albums feature some of the most recognisable cover art of all time, it is
of little surprise that Beavertown craft beers boast some of the best designed cover art I have ever
seen on a can, with Gamma Ray being the one that immediately stands out.
And it tastes as good as it looks.
Despite its trippy cover art, Gamma Ray is a surprisingly traditional American Pale Ale, which is the
absolute best thing about it. Instead of adding unnecessary bells and whistles, Beavertown doubles
down on the balanced flavours that make this style of beer so popular, making Gamma Ray my APA
of choice.

Saucery, Session IPA, 3.9%
Another beer with eye-catching cover art, Magic Rock Brewing’s Saucery (get it?) is a softly spoken
session IPA brimming with character, so you can imagine my surprise when I was told this is both
vegan-friendly and gluten-free!
Now, I know what some if not most of you are thinking, and as a dairy-drinking, meat-eating
glutenite I will be the first to admit that I usually leg it at the slightest mention of either word, never
mind the two of them together!
But hear me out. Saucery is proof that any presumptions you have about craft beers that cater to vegans and/or coeliacs will go right out the window with your first sip of this genuinely delicious beer, which has one of the best balances of hops and fruit I have tasted in a craft beer. Plus, it’s registered by the Vegan Society, and if that’s not a winning endorsement then I don’t know
what is!

DL, Donegal Lager, 4.5 %
I honestly don’t know what constitutes a Donegal lager, aside from it being made in Donegal, but I
could drink this all day…ahem, responsibly of course!
Showcasing yet another feat of craft beer cover art design – a rabbit driving a tractor with a Donegal
licence plate and three more rabbits on the roof, because of course – DL is one of the latest
additions to our takeaway fridge at West, and if the quality of the beer is anything to go by, she
could be a keeper. DL’s brewer’s Kinnegar has been a mainstay in our off-licence since the beginning, and just when I thought they could add no more to the already eclectic selection we have in stock they outdo themselves once again!

Sure, I’m slightly biased because lager is my number one go-to style of beer, but much like the other
two beers DL is incredibly well-balanced, and while it might be slightly on the lighter side, I am sure it would satisfy lager aficionados across the board.

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