Who let the Hill Dwarfs out?

Role Playing Games (RPGs) are super popular right now. We are often asked by people who have never tried playing before if we run events for starting out in Dungeons and Dragons (we did- it went well but we had to stop as the way they were being run was not working out- we’ll come back to it again sometime!).

The upsurge in popularity for Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) can be traced to a number of factors. Hugely popular Netflix show, Stranger Things, along with the rise of celebrity D&D campaigns online, have catapulted role playing out of the niche market and into the main-stream.

From conversations we’ve had over the bar counter, and from our own experience, the main factors which hold people back from giving this aspect of gaming a go are; 1) nervousness of looking/feeling silly, and 2) time. Now seems like a good time to put those negative notions behind you and just jump in! Using platforms like Zoom, Skype or Google Hangouts, playing an RPG with far flung friends might be just the thing to help you through this period of isolation.

Below are a couple of options which we have in stock, but I’d also recommend having a look online as there are MANY different free to download PDFs and forums for RPGs. Fiasco is a great fun game, played in the ‘one shot’ (a single session rather than a series of linked sessions spanning the same story in a campaign) format. This is not our area of expertise, but there is a world of resources and help out there!

Dungeons and Dragons Starter Set — €27

This starter set contains everything needed for a DM (Dungeon Master, the person who leads the story) and up to four players to get set up and started on their first campaign. The rules are pared back, and the story is set out for the DM to follow, making this a fast one to pick up and play. In our socially distant world, a single set would work well shared amongst the players, with whomever has the set perhaps taking the DM role and simply sending copies of the character sheets out to the players. The set comes with one set of dice, so if players do not have dice of their own they would need to get the DM to roll for them. If you enjoy the game, and want to play some more, I’d highly recommend checking out Irish based dice purveyor and lovely man, Dakota Irish, for your dice & dice related needs! We also have a small selection of D&D core rule books in stock if you want to go all in!

Tales from the Loop — €49

Tales from the Loop is an alternate history science fiction tabletop role-playing game designed by Nils Hintze and is based on the art of Simon Stålenhag. Set in the 1980’s, with the players working through ‘Mysteries’ as kids aged 10-15 years, this RPG has a distinct feel of E.T. or the aforementioned Stranger Things to it. As you play in one of the two settings included in this core rule book, you encounter machines and creatures that have come to exist because of the Loop, a huge underground particle accelerator built in the late 1960s. We also currently have in stock an expansion, Our Friends and Other Machines (€30), which adds mysteries, settings, instructions for the creation of your own settings, and more. We are super excited for the Tales from the Loop TV series coming to Amazon Prime in the next couple of days!

Tales of Equestria- The Story Telling Game — €35

This ‘story telling game’ set in the world of My Little Pony, is a great introduction to RPGs aimed at a younger audience, with the role of DM recommended to be taken up by a parent or older sibling; perhaps a fun and alternative way for kids to communicate online these days, with the supervision built in. This core rule book would again be best held by the DM, however the information players need would be easily shared virtually.

I hope you’ve found this interesting and useful!

Stay Safe, Stay Home, and while you’re there, Play Games.



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