Winter Games Wishlist

One of the best things about running a board game cafe was without a doubt filling up the Game Library. Opening new games is a joy, doing it as part of your job is even more so!

We haven’t been opening many games recently. Having closed Tabletop on Castle Street and sold off the entire Games Library in order to keep Tabletop going online, and get West Cafe Wine Bar back up and running after the first lockdown, we just haven’t had much time to play new games. We did keep a number of our favourites, and have been really enjoying those, but recently I have been itching to open something new.

Luckily, we have LOTS of new things to open… Here are my top most anticipated games from the recent deliveries. I’m really looking forward to opening and playing all of these soon!

The Isle of Cats

The Isle of Cats looks so pretty. It is a card drafting, polyomino placing game, and I just can’t wait to play it. I am interested in games with multiple paths to victory points, which this appears to offer through the placing of your cats and treasures and the completion of both private and public ‘lessons’. This game also comes with a solo variant, which I have been finding is more and more useful during these times, even if this is not my favourite way to play any game. 

The Isle of Cats I have actually already opened, punched and read through the rules! Watch out for pictures on our instagram @tabletopcork_gamer.

Fast Sloths

I really enjoy pick up and deliver style games, where you have to manage your resources to best manipulate an item/items around the board. Fast Sloths looks to be an interesting twist on this, where you are the package rather than the courier/s. With a variety of animals to play with each game, Fast Sloths promises a good degree of replayability. 

This looks to be a really fun race, and probably a game which we will be able to teach easily to family and enjoy over the holidays as well.

Patchwork Christmas Edition 

This will be one we save for Christmas Eve I think! Both Emer and I are big Patchwork fans, and it was a game which we would regularly travel with (when we could still travel) in a condensed ziplock bag. 

This looks very much to be a reimplementation of the classic two player game. While all of the basic rules and goals remain the same, there is just something super appealing about the festive wrapping paper style… and who can resist a free cookie cutter, included in the box! 

I am writing this at 17:25 and it is already getting dark outside! Coupled with the current Covid-restrictions, there has never been a better time to invest in a couple of good games to enjoy with family or housemates while you pass the long evenings. This time is tough for a lot of people, try to make the most of it!

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